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Join Us At CityCampKC 2014!


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BDKC is excited to join CityCampKC 2014 on Saturday, May 31st at the Kauffman Foundation for Big Data fun. The event is from 9 to 5, with a social breakfast at 8 AM and cocktails afterwards from 5 to 7 PM. Attendance is limited and tickets will sell out, so reserve your space now.

CCKC is Kansas City's annual civic unconference. Civic-minded folks gather for a day of discussing, imagining and building.

CCKC14’s theme is Start-Up Companies in the City. 

How can startups and the cities they call home help each other prosper? 

What is the startup-led economy? 

CCKC14 is also the home for this year’s “National Day Of Civic Hacking.” We are joining the global movement to improve our communities and the governments that serve them.

CityCampKC 2014 will host over 300 attendees and reach thousands more as a result of media coverage, recorded sessions, ongoing participants and blog readers. 

CCKC14 spans across 9 major sectors:
  • Startup Communities

  • The DIY City - Makers / Hackers / Doers

  • CfA Brigade - Local civic coders, data lovers & designers

  • Big Data - The global impact and application of data in business and society

  • Tech Workforce - Fostering a tech-enabled economy

  • The Wired City - Broadband is the new water

  • Civic Tech - Helping local gov, building local economy

  • Social Media & Advocacy - Win friends and influence policy

  • Adaptive Reuse - Startups LOVE old buildings!

Unconferences are what you love about regular conferences, except YOU help create the content! Unconferences invite participants to share their perspectives, and attendees help determine the agenda the day of the event. Doing it this way strengthens community bonds and allows spontaneous ideas to bubble up. But in the end, it's just way more entertaining than a regular conference. Think of it as a FUNCONFERENCE!


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Rachel Scott



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